the only thing lamer than dating dan humphrey is mourning dan humphrey.
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"But I wonder where were you
When I was at my worst”

This is the only thing I disliked about Dair, because it always seemed as if he was there for her 24/7 while she was actually not. He would have done ANYTHING and she thought it was okay to just ditch him for her epicluv. I hated season 5 finale Blair Waldorf (I never watched s6 fyi)…They ruined it for me.

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You can have Manhattan
The one we used to share
The one where we were laughing
And drunk on just being there

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just f o l l o w my lead, humphrey.

you’re used to doing that

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I tried to forget—energetically, systematically. I tried to take an interest in some one else. I tell you this because I want you to know I did my duty. I didn’t succeed.

It was for the same purpose I went abroad—as far away as possible. They say travelling distracts the mind; but it didn’t distract mine. I have thought of you perpetually, ever since I last saw you. I am exactly the same. I love you just as much, and everything I said to you then is just as true.

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going to paris milan verona munich SJLKDHGFDSJLGHFDLJ

and omg

my bday is on sept 15th which turns out to be DISNEYLAND DAY





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hi guise

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She did not want to move, or to speak. She wanted to rest, to lean, to dream. She felt very tired. —Virginia Woolf, The Years  (via jaimelannister)