so a friend of mine basically made me watch tvd601/602

what the fuck
i was literally cringing during both episodes it was so awful i cannot even begin like wat the hell
1) elena - elena’s chatacter was always pathetic to me tbh and i never even liked her that much cus she would be whining every episode of every season, but maaan this is a whole new level of elena being desperate, imagining damon, watching old COUGH nian pics. i used to ship delena during seasons 1,2,3,4 but…this is horrible, makes me think they are better apart. i felt second hand embarrassment watching her all “omg damon omgomg damon”…made me wanna scream GOOD LORD STFU
also what’s with elena’s memories ft music it looked like a hardcore delena fanvid
2) damon/bonnie this was not even funny. i always thought bamon fans are good at making fanfics and living in their imaginary world but to see bonnie and damon in the actual show MAKING PANCAKES with damon all dressed up in dan humphrey plaid…o m g. what’s the thing with crosswords and lame jokes and delivering that “i HATE pancakes” line like it’s sth so very serious…and living the same day all over again..did julie plec decide to make a modern version of groundhog day? if so………what the fuck julie??
3) stefan/badass the most unbelievable tvd plot ever was badass stefan imo, stefan the ripper, stefan doesn’t give a shit…yea right not bying it. my bets are he runs into elena and all the s1 memories start coming back and he crawls back to her crying like a baby.
4) LULZIEST SCENE IN THE HISTORY OF EVER - that random guy matt’s coach or whatever, setting people on fire ft EVERYBODY HURTS. REM? ppl on fire ft eeeeveeerybodyyy hurts. i cannot even describe the laughs and all my feels during this scene it was lamer than s6 gossip girl and saying that i think i said it all
what’s next? elena making a full on vamp party ft losing my religion? 5) what’s the purpose of caroline? where’s the sassy classy witty funny caroline? what’s with forced steroline and lol badass#stefan smacking his iphone………….
6) everybody else - badass jeremy sleeping with hookers? stefan’s so called girlfriend? stefan’s so called dead gf? oh wait knowing tvd she’s coming back to life in max two episodes

this show is a joke

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I love her more than sharks love blood.

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"Such a waste of talent. He chose money over power. In this town, a mistake nearly everyone makes. Money is the Mc-mansion in Sarasota that starts falling apart after 10 years. Power is the old stone building that stands for centuries. I cannot respect someone who doesn’t see the difference."

tv meme; 2/5 shows: house of cards


.”House of Cards”, Season 1, Episode 1

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kinda obsessing over house of cards these days

guess it’s never gonna be the way i was obsessing over gg haha but like this show, almost done with s2

OH ALMOST FORGOT it does have some cringe-worthy moments tho and plot holes

the only thing lamer than dating dan humphrey is mourning dan humphrey.
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